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We would like to publish some homilies that Fr. Buela has written about the consecrated life. These homilies have been written especially for the Servidoras. We pray that these reflections only draws one closer to God.

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Institute of the Incarnate Word
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mary Magdalene in St. Baume - For what reason does Jesus take her there for thirty years?

  1. For what reason does Jesus take her there for thirty years?

But why Lord this time of thirty years? Why such a long exile for a love so great? When I behold the Magdalene I see no other than Jesus living in her and her living in Jesus. Thus, I have to search in Jesus and not outside of Him, for the cause of such a long time. This makes me think and say (I believe with His guide and blessing) that those thirty years that Magdalene spent on earth, unknown to the earth are dedicated to honor and to participate in spirit in the thirty years of the hidden life of Jesus…

She will participate interiorly and spiritually of these thirty years of the life of the Son of God when He lived more in heaven than on earth, when he lived more before the presence of the angels that adored Him than before the presence of the men who did not merit to know Him.

In conforming Magdalene with Him in His life on earth, He wants the years of Magdalene to coincide with the years of his passive humanity. He wants her to remain on earth in grace and in love, a precious and divine love, as many years as He was present on earth carrying out His life divinely human and humanly divine. Just as in this life He has endured an exile and privation of so many acts and states that were due to His greatness and glory, He wills that His state of so long a duration, a state of privation so admirable in a divine person be honored and accompanied by a state of exile and privation that should be endured by a soul so precious and eminent in its love, so united to Him in favors and privileges and yet so separated from Him due to so great a love.  In this way, she honors and accompanies the hidden life of Jesus, unknown and deprived of the dignity due to His person with a life unknown and deprived of the joy due to His love. That is why Jesus takes her to a place withdrawn from all human communication and guides her to the most profound solitude.

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