The Consecrated Life

We would like to publish some homilies that Fr. Buela has written about the consecrated life. These homilies have been written especially for the Servidoras. We pray that these reflections only draws one closer to God.

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Institute of the Incarnate Word
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Spiritual Maternity - Fr. Buela to the Servidoras

“Life begets life;”[1] if the religious is truly a mother, she should beget life since she has Life. She must beget children. If she does not beget children, as the sterile fig tree of the Gospel, she is useful only “to be thrown into the fire.”

The religious begets spiritual children by the cross, prayer, apostolic zeal, and the proclamation of the Word of God.

We must always ask God the grace to “beget and raise children.”

In this mystery of spiritual maternity, of begetting for eternal life, Christ is the type, the exemplar. Christ is Father and the first hence we call him Father-Forever (Is 9:5). We are Fathers by participation in His paternity; we are Fathers “through Him, with Him, and in Him.”[2]

What is necessary for this?

God is God: He is the Father.

1st The Most Important: a vivid consciousness of the divine paternity and His majesty, to Whom belongs all things.

2nd To not usurp the glory of God. The bonds of spiritual maternity are stronger than those of the flesh but they should not appropriate what belongs to God: “the glory of God be for God,” respecting to the maximum the liberty and conscience of each one.

3rd Ask for the spirit of mother. Having the spirit of His Son and pure love of God, we must ask for the spirit of mother with his sons that we ought to beget.[3]

Thus, the religious becomes a visible image of God the Father who we do not see.[4]

The “mother” “instrumentally” gives being, life, knowledge, love, and protection.

(Cont Part 2..

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